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Beauty and Fashion

Jacque Monae - educator, Wig Maker, colorist

What inspired me to build my brand was my love of hair. With almost 15 years of experience in the Hair Industry, my goal is to always help women feel and look their best!

I aim to spread beauty and make an impact in everyday lives with products and services that help women look and feel beautiful, and get more out of life through opportunities that empower women to live the life they love! We seek to touch the lives of as many women as possible and our vision declares our purpose as a company and serves as our values and promise.

I aim to provide, an upgraded beauty experience that raises the beauty standard for women across the globe by providing high quality online learning tools, hair care products, and luxurious wigs –– for your everlasting healthy + wig journey.

Every Girl Beauty Essentials

  • Signature Wigs

    Signature Wigs

    I like being able to get up and go and still wanted my hair to look classy and that's how I started making my signature wigs.

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  • Drawstring Ponytails

    Drawstring Ponytails

    The convenience and time saved by wearing a drawstring ponytail is virtually unmatched, Easy, and convenient.

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  • Virgin Hair

    Virgin Hair

    My luxurious 100% virgin hair extensions are of the highest quality available online. Hair thats is superior and incomparable.

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Who's Monae ?

Monae is a once in a lifetime kind of girl,

She stands out from all the rest because she's one in infinity,

If you ask me, the definition of Monae,

She's perfection at it's finest,

She's one you'll never forget.

Remember, there's a MONAE in all of us!

xoxo, Jacque Monae

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